Event Recap: Yatagarasu AoC @ Evo 2016!

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm was on the floor again at Evo this year, thanks to our gracious sponsor Gaming Generations. In attendance were Nyu Media’s founder Seon and Chief Community Officer Jay Rab, our US players and supporters, and all … ...

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Updated to Version 20160214

Surprise! The dev team has delivered an updated build of Yatagarasu AoC which we’ve pushed it live right away for your gaming pleasure.The new version makes the following updates:・Character color schemes that were created by IndieGoGo campaign donators are now available … ...

Evo 2015 Yatagarasu AoC Tournament Videos

As per last week’s announcement, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will be on the floor at Level Up’s SoCal Regionals in Ontario, CA this coming weekend, then CEOtaku in Orlando, FL from October 12-15th. We’ll be holding casuals and side tournaments … ...

December 25th, 1926.

A new calendar era, the ‘Kobun Period’, has begun and Japan seems to be embarking on a new chapter in history. However, unbeknownst to the public, a nationalist revolutionary group has staged a coup d’etat against the Japanese government.

The revolutionaries acted swiftly, gaining control of the prime minister, police, major corporations, and newspapers. Struggling to react, the government leaders order the Iga Ninja to initiate the ‘Yatagarasu’ assassination program and eliminate the leader of the insurrection.

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is an original, traditional-style 2D fighting game with 11 playable characters and which focuses on delivering solid game play and high quality production values.

Creative Talent
Yatagarasu AoC features 2D pixel art by KOTANI:Tomoyuki AKA Styleos (King of Fighters, Mushihimesama, Ibara), and arresting character art by Miwa Shirow (Dogs, Black Mind) and Yasuda Suzuhito (Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor).
Voice acting talent includes Kaji Yuki (Attack on Titan, Final Fantasy XIII, Genso Suikoden), Uchida Maaya (IDOLM@STER, Holy Knight), and TOUGEKI announcer Koori Masoi.
The Yatagarasu soundtrack is created by Raito (Melty Blood, Under Night In-birth) and performed by doujin songstress LIQU@.

Yatagarasu AoC’s gameplay takes inspiration from Street Fighter III, but incorporates elements similar to BlazBlue. The control mechanics are simple and readily accessible to anyone, but gameplay is based around reading your opponent, parrying and countering, and is deep enough to provide an enjoyable challenge for even seasoned FTG veterans.

Dynamic Commentary
Yatagarasu AoC features a unique commentary system which provides tournament-style real-time commentary based on developments in the match. Both Japanese and English dynamic commentaries (audio and subtitles) are available and providing the English commentary are veteran commentators Jchensor, UltraDavid, and Maximilian.

Other Features
Other features include robust, GGPO-enhanced online play with rank matches, lobby matches, online leaderboards, tournament play, Twitter integration, and a fully-featured training mode.

Screen Layout


1 HP Gauge The player that reduces his opponent’s HP to zero wins the round. The first to win the required number of rounds is the victor.
2 SP Gauge One Assassin’s Arts move can be used when this gauge is full.An EX special move can be used at the expensive of half a gauge.The gauge fills when attacks hit, when the opponent’s attack is parried, etc.
3 Reinforced Indicator The lit lamp indicates which Assassin’s Art move has been reinforced.
4 Guard Crash Gauge This gauge reduces when attacks are guarded. When the gauge reaches zero, the player will be unable to block for a set period of time will be.
5 Time Remaining When this reaches zero, the player with the highest amount of HP remaining becomes the victor.
6 Parry Indicators These lamps light when the high or low parry buttons are pressed.
7 Information Show various types of play data, such as score, wins, rating.
8 Player Name The name of the player. Displayed in the NESiCAxLive version. The player name can be changed at the Yatagarasu AC Players Site.


Key Layout
Core Controls
H Parry High parry
L Parry Low parry
H or L Parry while in mid-air Mid-air parry
P while taking punch damage Reduces damage taken
K while taking kick damage Reduces damage taken
LP + LK Throw
HP + HK Unblockable attack
LP + HP Overhead attack
3 + HK or HP depending on character Knock down attack
2 8 High jump
6 6 Forward dash
4 4 Backward dash
P when hitting the ground Ukemi
K when hitting the ground Delayed wake up
Assassin's Art using H + L attack buttons
(P or K)
EX special attack

EX Assassin’s Arts
Press two attack buttons when performing a special attack to perform an EX special attack which has different functionality to the regular special attack.

E.g. Input 2 3 6 + LP and HP at the same time while using Kou to perform an EX Ateyumi Kagebi.


Select a Character
At the character select screen, follow the below steps to select a character.

1. Select a character to use.

2. Select an Assassin’s Art to Reinforce
From the two Assassin’s Arts, select one to reinforce. The selected Assassin’s Art will receive a functionality buffs. (The Assassin’s Art which is not selected will still be available for use, but will not be reinforced.)


3. Select a Dynamic Commentator
Select the commentator that will commentate your fighting.The commentator will speak throughout the game and support you. This has no effect on the functionality of the selected character.

If no commentator is preferred, select ‘No Assist’.


Parrying (aka ‘BL’ / ‘Button Locking’)
Press the appropriate parry button just as your opponent's attack lands to parry the attack and momentarily immobilize the opponent. Use this opportunity to counter attack!
A successful parry flashes blue.
Quickly counter attack and hit the immobilized opponent!

There are three types of parry that depend upon the button pressed and your position: high parry, low parry and mid-air parry. Each is able to parry different types of attack. Also, the amount of time the opponent will be immobilized depends upon the type of attack parried.

Tip #1
Don’t try too hard to catch parries when starting out.
When you do parry, begin with attacks that are easy to time, such as projectile or jumping attacks.

Tip #2
Parrying can be performed even when the stick is in a guard position.
First practice parrying by pressing the parry button with the stick in the guard position.
Because you are guarding and parrying at the same time, you can parry with low risk.
Use this technique to safely hone your parrying skills!


Advanced Parrying

Interrupt Parrying
You can interrupt multiple level attacks that become a continuous guard with interrupt parry.However, if parrying is input while in a frozen guard state, you cannot guard during the duration that the parry is being accepted.In cases where you were not able to parry the opponent’s attack in spite of inputting an interrupt parry, even if you were guarding you will eat the next attack.

Parry Counter
In cases where you ate an attack from the opposite direction of the parry, a parry counter occurs. When a parry counter occurs, a purple hit effect is displayed and the hit effect changes and becomes big damage.

Press forward + high parry button, or forward down + low parry button to gain increased benefits from parrying.

Parry Timing Gauge
If you receive an attack at the same time that you press a parry button, a gauge will display that shows how far off your timing was relative to the attack (next to the Parry Indicator). When the timing of pressing the parry button is incorrect, check the gauge to see how far you off!


Rating (R) and Battle Points (BP)

Rating and Battle Points reflect how skillful you are. In versus matches, these figures change depending on your match results.

Rating (R)
These points indicate your skill level per character.The initial number of points is 1500 and this figure reduces or increases depending upon your wins and losses.

Battle Points (BP)
These points indicate your skill level as a player.
The initial number of points is 0 and this figure reduces or increases depending upon your wins and losses.




Known as the “Merciful Maniac”, Azure is half-English and half Arabian by descent. A student majoring in Astronomy, he lost his family and country when the conflict broke out. He is pursuing a belief that physical matter, emotions, and even religious faith can be boiled down to mathematical equations. His intent is to bring his theories into practice by combining Shinto rituals that are imbued with divine power and mathematics to bring his deceased mother back to life.

He traveled to Japan after learning about the world through his study of alchemy. On visiting the ninja settlement of Koka to study pharmacy, he was impressed by the ninja who stoically train for their sworn master and to carry out their missions.

"Man sakata sarima. You will achieve the wisdom of silence.
Be grateful to your god."

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P Byakujin Reppu
In mid-air 2 3 6 + P Byakujin Shippu
2 1 4 + K Mueikyaku
2 3 6 + K Keiho
2 1 4 + P Rokumonshihosho
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + P Shunjunrankujin
6 3 2 1 4 6 + P Kukyogachirin Shishinomai
Personal Data
Age 20
Nationality Bahrain/Manama
Fighting Style Kouka Ninjutsu
Height 173cm
Weight 83kg
Birthday: September 27th
Likes The number "0"
DisLikes Laziness
Voice Actor Yuuki Kaji

Kazama Kotaro

Kotaro came to Tokyo to study to become an operetta singer. She dreams of becoming a worldwide star and to make the world a happier place with her singing and dancing. She is always practicing her dramatic delivery and sometimes tried out other accents. She can be haughty, but is gentle at heart and quick to help out people in need.

When fighting, her agility and speedy fighting techniques barely gives her opponents time to breath.

"Thus song and dance allay our woes, for here we face our curtain's close.
That promise which binds you and me: to end our parts but merrily.
(Oh, yeah! Totally nailed it!)"

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P Sawarabi Daiichimaku
In mid-air 2 1 4 + P Jurokusen
In mid-air 2 3 6 + P Oborozukiyo
6 3 2 1 4 + P Kakushin Kenbu
2 1 4 + K Tendaibu
Assassin's Arts
In mid-air 2 3 6 2 3 6 + P Tomoni Maiodorumaku
In mid-air 2 1 4 2 1 4 + P Star's Gift
Personal Data
Age 16
Nationality Japan/Sagami
Fighting Style Kazama Troupe
Height 165cm
Weight 48kg
Birthday: April 1st
Likes Smiling faces
DisLikes Tears
Voice Actor Uchida Maaya

Aja Salisbury

Born in the United Kingdom. Aja was an intelligence operative for the Conservative Party and undertook dirty work to protect to protect old traditions. After a radical party called Order of the Blue Flower rose to prominence, representatives of the Conservative Party fell from power one after another. Having nowhere else to go, Aja fled to England’s military ally, Japan.

However, even in exile, she was unable to escape her political ties, having lost all faith in the world, she thought abandon dreams for her own life and live only as a hired assassin, but through a certain incident she came to wish for world reformation.

"Our nation is on the path to self-destruction.
...I will not let that happen."

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P Gekisensai
2 3 6 + K Mushinshou
2 1 4 + P Gouezan
2 1 4 + K Kokuushin
4 1 2 3 6 + P Ryokusendan
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + P Gekisen Gojou Renge
2 1 4 2 1 4 + K Kongou Shingonsou
Personal Data
Age 34
Nationality Scotland/Edinburgh
Fighting Style Seinenshininryu + Houshinkyouryu Spear Techniques
Height 185cm
Weight 68kg
Birthday: June 4th
Likes The spear and cup given to her by lord
DisLikes She loves everything in the world
Voice Actor Nakahara Mai

Hinukan Kou

Born with the power to control the element of fire, he is said to be half-demon.
A mid-ranking ninja with the Iga Ninja's Hattori Squad.

Kou was taught martial arts by Hanzo, who has been like a mother to him from a young age, and earned the position of senior mid-rank very quickly. He excels in gathering information, and he has been ordered to use his top-class talents to bring that information back, no matter what the cost.

"Don't try to stop me. I must push ahead...
Even if it means sacrificing my comrades."

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P Ateyumi Kagebi
6 2 3 + P Manchuin Toriuchi
2 1 4 + K Himezori Yuzuruha
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + P Isshazetsumei Onibi
2 1 4 2 1 4 + P Kasanejumonji Kijimuna
Personal Data
Age 17
Nationality Japan/Okinawa
Fighting Style Hioki Style Shitoku Sect Mamori no Mei
Height 166cm
Weight 59kg
Birthday: May 3rd
Likes Skin Diving
DisLikes Rain
Voice Actor Tamura Mutsumi

Hattori Hanzo Uruka
The 13th Hattori Hanzo and third female Hattori Hanzo in Iga Ninja history. (Technically, the second.) Despite her appearance, Hanzo speaks and acts like a proud, old woman, but given her rank and the authority she wields, no one complains.

"You're all nothing but weaklings.
Pathetic and beyond redemption."

Deadly Skills
2 Charge 8 + P Saiunricchu Mozuotoshi
4 1 2 3 6 + P Kikkajunikou Jibashiri
2 1 4 + K Gekkouippa Makigeri
During rising high jump
2 2 + P
Next to a wall during a jump
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + K Shinshinmumyou Togihotaru
2 8 2 8 + P Tenraigin Kuchinawaichigo
Personal Data
Age 29
Nationality Japan/Iga
Fighting Style Iga Kyoushin Tenmei Style Kassatsujutsu
Height 171cm
Weight Ask, and Die
Birthday: January 31st
Likes Western-Style Clothes
DisLikes Those Without Respect for Tradition
Voice Actor Fujiya Yuuko

Juzumaru Tsunetsugu
An Ainu warrior who places a very high value on chivalry. A debt of honor to the Hattori took him to mainland Japan. In the Iga Ninja, he is a low ranking ninja. He uses his highly-trained body very effectively in his martial arts. "Justice without power is powerless" is his creed. He has sworn absolute loyalty to Hanzou and trusts her completely.

"Justice demands I destroy you."

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P (up to 3 times) Rimuse
6 2 3 + K Emushi
6 2 3 + P Okimunpe
2 1 4 + P Rera
Heavy K during Rera Kamuifuchi
Light K during Rera Pekkamui
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + K Raikurutekunpe
2 1 4 2 1 4 + K Raikuruhoshi
Personal Data
Age 25
Nationality Japan/Ezo
Fighting Style Eishunken
Height 176cm
Weight 92kg
Birthday: January 1st
Likes Salmon
DisLikes Justice Without Power
Voice Actor Date Tadanori


A mid-ranking ninja in the Togakushi Clan. She cares very much for Shimo, who will one day lead the Togakushi, but is frustrated at herself for being unable to express that, and angry at the Hattori Clan, who are supposed to be their allies, but have little respect the Togakushi.

Hina is angry at the world that refuses to acknowledge the Togakushi. She and Shimo bear twin blades.

"You fool! Fool, fool, fool, fool, fool!!"

Deadly Skills
4 Charge 6 + P Yugizan
4 Charge 6 + K Retsugizan
2 Charge 8 + P Shinenzan
4 1 2 3 6 9 + P Bougetsuzan
During Yuugizan
6 2 3 + P
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + P Kantanenzan
2 3 6 2 3 6 + K Issenkousa
Personal Data
Age 15
Nationality Japan/Shinano
Fighting Style Izuna Shinto Style
Height 162cm
Weight 59kg
Birthday: July 22nd
Likes Dogs
DisLikes People who are late
Voice Actor LIQU@。

Shimo is presently treated as a low-ranking ninja, but will one day be asked to lead the Togakushi Clan. She is the opposite of Hina, incapable of expressing herself, and has a tendency to retreat into a shell. However, she is a master of iai, and she possesses powerful latent abilities.

"I'm... I'm sorry.
I'll do as you say, just don't abandon me, sister..."

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P Shingetsu
In mid-air 2 1 4 + P Shinkoenzan
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + P Kantanenzan
2 3 6 2 3 6 + K Issenkousa
Personal Data
Age 15
Nationality Japan/Shinano
Fighting Style Izuna Shinto Style
Height 159cm
Weight 48kg
Birthday: July 22nd
Likes Sending Letters in a Bottle
DisLikes Violence
Voice Actor Reji


The half-Japanese child of a foreigner. JET has been discriminated against his entire life because of his heritage, but he has never regretted his circumstances, and in fact is quite outgoing.

He is a freelance journalist who appears and disappears in the oddest places. He dislikes weapons and prefers to use the pugilist style he learned from his father. He wants to be hardboiled, but is more of a comedic character.

"For some reason, the unluckiest ones last the longest.
You and me have both had it rough."

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P JET Blow
2 1 4 + P JET Knuckle
2 3 6 + K JET Ducking
2 1 4 + K JET Straight
6 2 3 + P JET Upper
6 2 3 + K JET Shot
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + P F.H.J.
2 1 4 2 1 4 + K L.G.J.
Personal Data
Age 28
Nationality Japan/Yamato
Fighting Style Pugilism
Height 182cm
Weight 79kg
Birthday: December 15th
Likes Tobacco (Glory brand)
DisLikes Timecards
Voice Actor Ichiki Mitsuhiro


Chadha was bullied through childhood of his immense size. He rebelled and grew up a thug, and eventually became an out-of-control wild man. However, he calmed down when he married.

Following his marriage, there was no sign of him for a long time, but in recent years he has appeared again, wearing a strange mask and with a strange manner of speaking.

His brutal fighting techniques take advantage of his huge frame.

"That's not it. That's not it...
How should I put this? Well, that's not it."

Deadly Skills
6 2 3 + P Squgeo Impact
6 2 3 + K Chadha Today's Kick
Rotate once + P Megadeath Pressure
Rotate once + K Running Punish
In mid-air, rotate once + P Nudas Punish
Assassin's Arts
Rotate twice or more + P Gigadeath Pressure
2 3 6 2 3 6 + K Peredu Great Moment
Personal Data
Age 41
Nationality Japan/Kyoto
Fighting Style CACC
Height 212cm
Weight 143kg
Birthday: August 30th
Likes Afternoon Tea
DisLikes Cooking that doesn't follow the recipe
Voice Actor Chamurai

A young man who seems somehow similar to Kou. He hangs around Kou, and seems knows Uruka as well, but there are many mysteries about him. One theory is that he's the personification of a god.

"I see. So this is jealousy? Obsession?

Emotions are such strange things."

Deadly Skills
2 3 6 + P Ateyumi Kagebi
6 2 3 + P Manchuin Toriuchi
2 1 4 + K Himezori Yuzuruha
Assassin's Arts
2 3 6 2 3 6 + K Shahouhassetsu Ukifune
2 1 4 2 1 4 + P Kasane Jumonji Kujigarasu
Personal Data
Age 18
Nationality Japan/Kumano
Fighting Style Imitates Kou
Height 169cm
Weight 51kg
Birthday: March 11th
Likes Piano
DisLikes Basically Everything
Voice Actor Uchida Yuuma

Azure Kou Hanzo Juzumaru Hina Shimo JET Chadha Crow Kotaro Aja

Here are answers to our frequently asked questions about Yatagarasu. Please check here to see if any of your questions have been answered before posting to the forums!
Please check back as this section will be updated regularly! Thank you!


What are the different versions of Yatagarasu?

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm
Platform: PC
Available: Late July 7th, 2015 from Nyu Media
Version: The IndieGogo-funded new version of Yatagarasu with improvements, including new characters and GGPO. Developed by PDW:HOTAPEN, localized & published by Nyu Media.

Legend of Raven
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation VITA, Xbox One
Available: TBA
Version: Localized and enhanced version of v4.3, developed and published by Nicalis.

Yatagarasu v1-v4.3
Platform: PC
Price: $9.99
Available: Now from Rice Digital
Version: The original Yatagarasu by PDW:HOTAPEN.

Yatagarasu for NESiCAxLive
Platform: Arcade
Available: Now (Japan only)
Version: Yatagarasu, ported to Taito's NESiCAxLive platform for release in Japan only.

Please port Yatagarasu to Linux / Mac / PS3 / XB360 / 3DS / Wii U / Other!

Sorry, the only versions planned at this time are those listed in What are the different versions of Yatagarasu?.

This list will be updated as new platforms are added.


Can I change my IndieGogo pre-order to the Legend of Raven (PS VITA version)?

While the original game is the same,Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm (PC) and The Legend of Raven (PS VITA) are separately projects, to be developed and published by separate teams*, so transferring pre-orders will not be possible.
* The Legend of Raven is under development and will be published by Nicalis.
*Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will be developed by the Yatagarasu developer PDW:HOTAPEN, and localized and published by Nyu Media.

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm

What will happen to the other new characters that didn’t win the vote? Will you hold another fundraiser to add them?

We expect they will be added to a future upgrade or version of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, but there are no firm plans beyond adding the recently funded new characters and making Yatagarasu AoC the best game we possibly can. The beta is planned to begin in January 2014 and the private beta forum will go live at the same time.

When will the beta access begin / the private beta forum become available?

The beta is planned to begin in January 2014 and the private beta forum will go live at the same time.

I have Yatagarsu 4.3. Will I be able to upgrade to Attack on Cataclysm when it comes out?

Sorry, no. They will be treated as standalone products.

I want to contribute / upgrade my perks! Will you extend the PayPal campaign post-IndieGogo?

Sorry, no. We had initially thought to extend the PayPal campaign, but have since decided not to. This will allow the developer to focus on implementing the newly-funded features in Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm and make as timely a release as possible.

Will the perks / share contest prizes / other items be made available for purchase?

Custom perks and items that were promised as limited exclusives (e.g. custom content for the game, the limited edition controller) won't be make available for purchase. We may make other items available for purchase, but this will be decided at a later date. Please watch out for updates!

Yatagarasu v4.3

Yatagarasu 4.3 crashes. Why? How can I fix it?

The current version of Yatagarasu v4.3 crashes when Hina is selected due to a sound file that uses double byte characters in the filename and so doesn’t not play nicely with the English system locale setting.
This can be fixed by changing the system locale to Japanese (requires reset) o r by using Microsoft’s Applocale application. (The only downside we've found to changing system locale to Japanese is that certain websites will detect it and default their contents to Japanese aller.)
The Yatagarasu dev team is aware of the problem and may issue a new build that addresses the problem. Please contact Rice Digital for details.

Online play is REALLY laggy! What can I do to improve it?

It’s best to adjust the delay for online play over long distances. When high ping occurs, pressing the "O" or "P" key will adjust the delay and resolve most issues regarding lag.

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