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Event Recap: Yatagarasu AoC @ Evo 2016!

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm was on the floor again at Evo this year, thanks to our gracious sponsor Gaming Generations. In attendance were Nyu Media’s founder Seon and Chief Community Officer Jay Rab, our US players and supporters, and all the way from Japan for the occasion: Shiza from the Yatagarasu Dev Team, Mrs. Shiza, and top tier Japanese players Nalkami and BBS!

The highlight was our third annual Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Evo Tournament held on Saturday afternoon, to which we had 78 people sign up and compete to win a slew of prizes, including a very limited edition custom-built Mad Catz fightstick, a life size Hanzo banner stand, Qanba joysticks, and Yatagarasu AoC t-shirts.

After nearly 3 hours of battling, our winners were:

1st place: @NALKAMI
2nd Place: @NickCool1996
3rd Place: @BBSLEVEL
Runners up: MercyPls, Breaksticks, @Tdotimus, Tebeo, RanelleyBelly

Check out videos of the top 8 matches here, courtesy of @NickCool1996

Massive thanks to our sponsors Gaming Generations (for providing the space, equipment, and for being all-round stand up guys), Mad Catz, and Eighty Sixed! And of course, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who dropped by and made it all worthwhile!

Check out some pics from the event below and we hope to see you at Evo next year!

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Updated to Version 20160214

Surprise! The dev team has delivered an updated build of Yatagarasu AoC which we’ve pushed it live right away for your gaming pleasure.

The new version makes the following updates:

・Character color schemes that were created by IndieGoGo campaign donators are now available for use
・The display time of 1 frame in window mode has been adjusted to match the NESiCAxLive version
・Matching for online play has been optimized
・Ranking display has been improved
・Main menu design revision

The new build should update automatically from the Steam client. If it does not, check your update settings (right click Yatagarasu AoC in the Steam Library and select Properties > Updates > Automatic Updates), and restart the Steam client.

** Please Note **
The GGPO implementation is still progress, and we will have an announcement soon about the delivery of outstanding perks such as the art book, custom art, etc. Thank you for your patience!

Evo 2015 Yatagarasu AoC Tournament Videos

As per last week’s announcement, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will be on the floor at Level Up’s SoCal Regionals in Ontario, CA this coming weekend, then CEOtaku in Orlando, FL from October 12-15th. We’ll be holding casuals and side tournaments with prizes, so drop by and join in!

We’ll post pics and (hopefully!) livestream links for the events for everyone that isn’t able to make it. In the meantime, to get you in the mood, here are videos of the finals matches from our Yatagarasu AoC tournament* at Evo 2015!

* Shout out and thanks to our tournament host Gaming Generations!


★★★ FINALS ★★★
(Best of 5 matches)

@AjC_252 (Crow) vs @HitBox_Trophy (Azure)

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3


(Best of 3 matches)

@HitBox_Trophy (Azure) vs @xHarukasan (Juzumaru)

Match 1

Match 2

@AjC_252 (Crow) vs Rameo (Juzumaru)

Match 1

Match 2

Details of October Yatagarasu AoC Tournaments, Kobun no Ran Finals, Referrals Contest Prizes

In October, Yatagarasu AoC will feature in upcoming events both on the east coast and the west coast. We’ll be holding side tournaments and daily tournaments with prizes, so if you’re attending the events or in the area, please drop by and jump in!


SoCal Regionals: Main Event
When: October 9-11th
Where: Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California
Official site:
Official announcement: Here

When: October 17-18th
Where: Orlando, Florida
Official site:

To get you in the mood for the events, here are details and pictures from the Yatagarasu AoC national Kobun no Ran tournament that was held in Japan last month!

Kobun no Ran
After nationwide qualifying rounds held over the previous months, 33 players competed in the main even which was held on August 9th. Your winners were:

Rank Player Character Home Arcade Home Region
Winner Ippu Crow Tachikawa Game Oslo #5 Tokyo
Runner up Alexander Takeshi Kou M’s Park Kariya Branch Aichi
3rd Hiya Hanzo AM Eagle 2 Okinawa
4th Haku Shimo Sega World Omori Tokyo
5th Akina Suzutuki Azure Okinawa TRF Tokyo
5th BBS Chada Amusement Jam Jam Kamisu/td> Ibaraki
7th KTR Kou KO-HATSU Osaka
7th Nanashisu Shihainin Chada G’com Wajira Fukuoka

Check out this gallery of event photos and below for video coverage of the full event!

For more photos and Japanese coverage from the Kobun no Ran tournament, visit the official results page at the Kobun no Ran homepage.

Referral Contest T-shirt Prizes
Winners of our IndieGogo campaign referral contest winners have been contacted and prizes are on the way to everyone who has responded so far. The hardworking winners were:

Jason Anderson
Dib karim
Michael Morphet
Richard Villarruel
Terence Chan
Sam Chow
Joseph Gilbert
Stephen Broida *
John Tackett  *

* There are no contact details for these winners in the IndieGogo database. If this is you or you know Stephen or John, please send have them send an email to so we can arrange to send their prizes!

Production for other campaign perks is still in progress and we will be back with updates on those soon!

Event Recap: Yatagarasu AoC @ Evo 2015!

This year’s show got off to a less than auspicious start in June when YAoC was passed over for inclusion in the Evo 2015 Indie Showcase. You might think that the latest indie fighting game (and released only a week earlier at that) would be a shoe-in for an indie game showcase at a fighting game event, but unfortunately the company running this year’s showcase (the Media Indie Exchange) didn’t see it that way.

Thankfully, our generous and gracious sponsor Mad Catz saved the day, providing us not only with four playing stations at their booth, but also with stage time to present the Yatagarasu AoC on every day of the event, and prizes for the tournament we held on Saturday.

On hand at the Yatagarasu AoC stand was the ever-awesome Juicebox and our community manager Jay_Rab who is usually to be found managing the Nyu Media Steam discussion groups. Juicebox also showed off Yatagarasu AoC at the stage presentations, ably supported by @geoffthehero and @thunderFGC who stepped up on short notice to help out. Thank you, guys!

Gaming Generations are well known for supporting the scene and Evo, and that supports extended to Yatagarasu AoC as they kindly provided space at their stand for the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm tournament which we held from 6pm on Saturday evening. Up for grabs were prizes provided by our sponsors Mad Catz (awesome fightsticks and headphones!), Eighty Sixed (Yatagarasu t-shirts! Get them here!), and of course the coveted title of ‘Evo 2015 Yatagarasu AoC Champion’.

96 people signed up and after 3 hours of battling, our winners were:

1st    @AjC_252 (Crow)
2nd   @HitBox_Trophy (Azure)
3rd    Horu Korson (Azure)
4th    @xHarukasan (Juzumaru)

Check out the full brackets and results right here:

We weren’t able to record the matches at the time, BUT we are tracking down the replay data and plan to have videos of the finals and semi-finals to share next week. Watch this space!

In the meantime, see below for some pictures from the event – enjoy! Please keep playing and supporting Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm and we hope to go even bigger at next year’s event!

Once again, thanks to our sponsors Mad Catz, Eighty Sixed, and Gaming Generations, and to Juicebox, Jay_Rab, GeoffTheHero, ThunderFGC, and all the PLAYERS who came and took part!


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