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Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Update (May 29th)

Hi, Seon from Nyu Media here.

I’m writing a late-breaking and rather short update for this month while Shiza and the rest of the Yatagarasu dev team crunch to bring Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm to you. We had planned to send a larger update this month, but we’ve had to move it out just a little to accommodate some other developments – expect that update shortly.

In the meantime, I have a couple of updates about and a Yatagarasu AoC arcade edition tournament that will be open to anyone living in Japan. & Yatagarasu AoC forum is temporarily closed for a redesign, and will re-launch shortly with a spiffy new look and more focus on and details about Yatagarasu AoC, including character profiles, move lists and other new content.

We are also planning to switch from the (rather buggy and often spammed) Yatagarasu-FTG forum to the Steam discussion group as the main community hub for Yatagarasu AoC. We will maintain the old forum posts at, but please post any comments, suggestions, etc. to the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Steam Discussion Group moving forward. The Steam discussion group is moderated by our community manager Jay_Rab, who is happy to help with any questions, requests, etc.


Inaugural Official Nationwide Yatagarasu AoC Arcade Tournament

The Yatagarasu dev team is organizing a nationwide Yatagarasu AoC arcade (NESiCAxLive version) tournament which will be held in arcade centers across Japan. The qualifying rounds will be held between May 30th and July 26th at arcades all over the country, followed by the tournament proper which will be held on August 9th at the Tokyo Leisure Land arcade in Akihabara. If you are in Japan, please sign up and join in!


For full details, visit the official (Japanese language) tournament homepage at:

That’s it for this month. We’ll be back again with the next update soon!

Have a great weekend!


Yatagarasu AoC Beta Access Now Expanded to Include $10+ IndieGogo Backers!

As per our campaign update earlier this month, we are expanding the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Beta Access to include backers who contributed $10 or higher to the Yatagarasu AoC IndieGogo campaign, starting NOW! ss_110 Emails with keys and instructions to access the Beta version were earlier sent to backers of the Game Pack ($10) perk and upwards. If you are a qualifying backer and have not received your key by 5pm PST today, please check your spam filter and if it’s not there, please email, and we will follow up with you directly. We hope you guys enjoy the Beta build and please don’t forget to post any comments or feedback to the Yatagarasu AoC Steam discussion group! That’s it for today. Watch out for updates about the final release coming ASAP! Seon

Update: Beta Key Delivery + Message from Shiza

Apologies for the wait!! Keys for the Beta version of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will be sent to qualifying ($40+) backers of the Yatagarasu AoC IndieGogo campaign today at 12pm PST. The Beta version includes all three new characters, six(!) new commentators including Jchensor, UltraDavid, and Maximilian, and other new features and improvements. For a detailed list of updates and changes, please see the Alpha > Beta Changelist Thread in the Yatagarasu AoC Steam discussion group. Please see this month’s update from Shiza below for more details about the beta testing and development progress. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hello, Shiza from the Yatagarasu dev team here. This is much later than planned, but beta testing of the PC version of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is now live. The Beta version includes all three of the new characters (Azure, Kotaro, Aja) in playable form. These are the major new feature of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, so we hope you enjoy them. Of course, the objective of the beta test is to make improvements to the game as release approaches, so any feedback, impressions, or suggestions you may have will be gratefully received and considered by the dev team. Please post feedback to the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm discussion group on Steam, or you can tweet me directly at @shizap. Please be aware that not all of the graphics are final and these will be addressed as a priority. There are also various features that we have not implemented yet and will follow too. We still have a lot to implement, so the final release will happen in the new year. Please accept our apologies for the long wait, but the extra time is definitely improving the final game. We very much appreciate your patience. The Beta access is available to everyone who contributed to the Open Access ($40) and above perks in the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm IndieGogo campaign. We are not planning to open beta access beyond this group as we did with the Alpha version, but we will hand out a limited quantity of Beta copies at this year’s winter Comic Market event. If you won’t receive a copy through the IndieGogo campaign, but can visit Comic Market and would like to try it out, please visit us at our booth at West あ 10a on Dec 30th (Tuesday). Finally, an update on the NESiCAXLive (arcade) version which will release in Japan: development is proceeding in parallel with the PC version. We have had two location tests so far and will release this version as soon as we have improved the quality. Thank you for your continued patience and support. Shiza

Development Update and New Location Test Announcement!

Shiza is tied up with the development work and new location test (details below), so I’ll provide a quick update on behalf of the Yatagarasu AoC team. The new character graphics are complete, so the major development work is now DONE! Taito and the YAoC dev team are holding a location test with the full Attack on Cataclysm fighter roster (including Azure, Kotaro, and Aja) and full dynamic commentator roster (including Jchensor, Maximilian, and UltraDavid) this weekend at the Nakano TRF game center in Japan. This location test will be fully NESiCAxLive-compliant, running over the NESiCA network, and using the NESiCA Card score functionality. Feedback from the location test will be rolled into both the arcade and PC versions.
If you’re in the neighborhood or have the means to get there, please go check it out and provide feedback for the team! If you can’t make it, no worries! The event will also be livestreamed over Niconico douga (requires a free account Follow the below links for more details (in Japanese.) Location Test Overview at NicoDou: Location Test Livestream: Slow Starter Tournament: Nakano TRF Homepage: Taito Location Test Announcement: Finally, we are now days away from distributing the long-awaited beta version (which will be effectively the above location test version) and can’t wait to get it in your hands. THANK YOU for your patience and please stand by for the next update! Seon  

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Level Up Tournaments and Alpha Access Start This Week!

We are very pleased to announce two exciting developments for Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm coming up this week! Starting this Thursday (August 21st) and running through December 18th, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will stream every Thursday in the 2014 summer and fall tournament seasons of the premier fighting game promoter Level Up’s “The Runback!” show which streams from the New Super Arcade in Walnut, California. yatagarasu_promo-1024x576 This is a great opportunity see the latest Yatagarasu AoC builds in action for the first time as tournament players will begin playing the Alpha build of Yatagarasu AoC from this Thursday, then upgrade to the Beta and retail builds as they’re released. What’s more, players are competing for $1,000 in cash each season, so we’re in for some exciting high level competitive Yatagarasu play! Don’t miss this! For full details, see Level Up’s season announcement here: Level Up tournament players won’t be the only ones to get their hands on the Alpha build of Yatagarasu AoC! Also on August 21st, the same Alpha build to be featured on The Runback will be released to Beta Access qualifying backers from the Yatagarasu AoC IndieGogo campaign! Backer access will be updated to Beta and full retail builds also as they are rolled out over the coming weeks. Backer access to the new builds will be provided via Steam keys, which will be distributed directly to each backer and everyone will be able to discuss the game via Steam Discussion group which will open this week. More details about the build features, etc. will be announced on Thursday. Beta Access backers > Expect your Steam key to arrive at the mail address you provided at the IndieGogo campaign on Thursday. We have many new exciting changes and features to follow in upcoming builds, but in many ways, this week marks the start of the countdown to Yatagarasu AoC’s full release, and everyone at the Yatagarasu dev team and Nyu Media are very excited for people to get their hands on Yatagarasu AoC for the first time! Watch this space for more updates coming this week!
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