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Message from the Yatagarasu Dev Team

Hello. This is Shiza from the Yatagarasu development team. Thanks to your support, our Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm crowdfunder was able to meet its funding goal. In the end, 3,585 backers raised $118,243 in funding. We are sincerely grateful to have received support from so many people, and we are very much looking forward to the game release, especially now that so many people are waiting to play Yatagarasu AoC! We are grateful not only for the contributions, but also for the other forms of support and encouragement we’ve received. So many people provided support that this campaign set a new record for funds raised for a Japanese indie game group. Thank you. As we explained on the IndieGoGo campaign page, almost all of the funding will be used for development expenses. In all, the funds will be spent on outsourcing fees, related expenses, and producing perk items, and we plan to provide as much transparency as possible regarding the actual costs incurred. For next steps, we will soon announce the result of the character voting. Then, we will announce the additions and improvement to be implemented, and the accompanying schedule. We will announce updates on development progress as we go, and we hope that you look forward to them. We created Yatagarasu because we wanted to make a game that we wanted to play, so visually it is a rather plain. It really is great that a game that has depth, but looks simple could receive this much support. We hope to create a game that will live up to everyone’s expectations. Please continue to support Yatagarasu AoC in future. Shiza Yatagarasu Development Team

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is FUNDED!

It was a roller coaster of a ride with a nail-biting finish, but our Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm IndieGogo campaign closed last night not only with the game fully funded, but having hit FOUR of our stretch goals to boot! The final amount raised was $118,243 against our target of $68,000 for a whopping 174% against the target! yatagarasu_IGG_result This is an amazing result, not only for us at Nyu Media and the Yatagarasu dev team, but also for Japanese indie gaming scene. Not only did the campaign attract attention from around the world, but this was the biggest and most successful crowdfunding of a Japanese video game to date! We sincerely hope that current and budding indie developers in Japan will take inspiration from this and be motivated to make more great games for players around the world. We’re especially proud of because this success was achieved despite having very little coverage from major gaming press, making this truly a win that belongs to the indie gaming and fighting game communities. We would like to give particular thanks to our livestream supporters including 8WayRun, Bifuteki, @hiya_dkr, Kusoge Kings, ManVsGame, Offcast, and Orochinagi for their support and some fun times. Also, huge thanks to our new friends and supporters at NeoGAF, Shoryuken, and the Mugen Guild. Props also to our upcoming dynamic commentators Jchensor, UltraDavid, and Maximilian, and to Mad Catz for their gracious support. Finally, THANK YOU to the indie game press and, most of all, to the gamers who supported our campaign with their contributions, upgrades, and by spreading the word! Over the next few week, Nyu Media & the Yatagarasu dev team will take a collective sigh of happiness and relief, then reach out to backers regarding the upcoming schedule, next steps, perk deliveries, etc. We’ll also launch a Yatagarasu website which will be our hub for news and development updates, information about the games, and will host a forum covering all aspects of the games – please watch out for an update on this coming soon. Once again, THANK YOU to all who made this AMAZING result happen!! YOU should be proud of yourselves! The Yatagarasu development team is huddling at the moment and we will pass on a message from them to all our supporters and backers tomorrow! Sincerely, Seon King, Founder, Nyu Media
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