Updates on Evo and Kobun no Ran

Hello, Shiza here.

The dev team members who weren’t able to make to Evo last month followed the event via Twitter and streams in Japan and it seems that Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm had an amazing showing at the Mad Catz booth. Thank you to all 96 people who took part in our tournament at the event. I hope I can make it over myself next year!

Koubun no Ran
Over the last two months, 28 people battled their way through qualifying rounds of our first official Yatagarasu tournament, ‘Koubun no Ran’, and the actual tournament will be held next week on August 8th. It might be difficult to watch live due to time differences, but it’s sure to be an exciting event, so please watch it if you have the chance!


Start Time:
Japan time: August 9th (Sun), 2pm
GMT: August 9th (Sun), 6am
EST: August 9th (Sun), 1am
PST: August 8th (Sat) 10pm

Venue: Tokyo Leisure Land, Akihabara

Stream URL: http://www.twitch.tv/kagecchi

Event Staff:
Master of Ceremonies: Koori
Commentary: UME-ZONO, kubo
Special Guest: LIQU@。
Streaming: Kagecchi

Toriuchi Tarou (Crow)
Ippu       (Crow)
Hiya       (Hanzo)
Tataragi                (Jet)
Osamurai Zamurai           (Hina)
Dath      (Azure)
Panpina                (Dark Juzumaru)
Narukami            (Shimo)
Nabeshi-              (Aja)
Nanashisu Shihainin        (Chadha)
Akina Suzutuki       (Azure)
Omaten               (Chadha)
Yunti      (Chadha)
Haku      (Shimo)
Saitama                (Crow)
BBS        (Chadha)
iwa         (Kou)
SuzuQta               (Aja)
Madaraki Furan    (Dark Juzumaru)
Terunosuke        (Shimo)
kametime           (Chadha)
KTR        (Kou)
ZackyWild            (Juzumaru)
Alexander Takeshi           (Kou)
Amamiya             (Hanzo)
In            (Chadha)
R-DASH                (Shimo)
Mushi   (Dark Juzumaru)

Plus 4 more competitors, to be selected on the day of the tournament.

Event Homepage (Japanese)

Competitor List (Japanese)

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