Yatagarasu AoC Developer Diary (Apr 18th)

Hello, it’s Shiza from the Yatagarasu Development Team. We’re still hard at work building Yatagarasu AoC. Here are some progress updates and new images for this month. Adding Voice-over to the Game The studio voice recording is complete and we received the files, so we’re now working on implementing them into the game. We really have a huge amount of voice-over this time – over 2000 files and it feels like there’s no end in sight! The commentary files in particular take a long time to implement correctly into the game, so progress on these is slow. That said, the voice work is awesome in both the quality and quality, and just listening to them gets the team excited. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy them! Combo Details Display and Twitter Function Here’s just a sneak peek on these new functions. In Training and other modes, Yatagarasu AoC will be able to displayed combos onscreen in text format and tweet the combo content. This helps to annotate combos with zero errors and is quite handy. Here is a look at how the combo tweet will look in Japanese: combo_tweet New Character Art Here are previews of some of the new, as-yet unreleased character art:








  The Talent of Yatagarasu And finally, one of the three core development staff takes the stage to provide this month’s comment from the creative talent contributing to Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm.

 Yatagarasu’s designer Kotani here.

When we started out making Yatagarasu, I promised Shiza and Umezono that, “I’m going to make this a homage to every 2D fighting game that I’ve played that has been an influence on me to date.”

That includes previous smash-hits and games that tanked. At the heart of Yatagarasu is my wish to unearth everything that inspired me to become a game designer.

In addition to paying respect to my seniors who contributed to Japan’s video game industry, I hope that just like with me, Yatagarasu will inspire a grin among everyone who shares a love for arcade games.

Styleos / Kotani:Tomoyuki

That’s all for now. We’ll have some new updates soon! Time to get back to making the game! Shiza

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  1. Kou looks kind different for the previous potrait. I was hoping Kotani was going to stick to the more rendered artstyle like the one for yatagarsu 4 but now I’m really liking the new artnuveaou + manga style for the characters. Will there be a way to see the character art in higher resolution?

  2. Very nice art! I hope the game havea gallery for soundtest and images, like KOF or Guilty Gear have. Anyway, nice pieces and it’s good to know the game is advancing well!

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