Yatagarasu AoC Developer Diary (Dec 13th)

This month, we have an update from Yatagarasu  development team’s planner Umezono about balancing the new characters and, next in our series of introductions from people working with us, we have a few words from LIQU@ who sings the opening theme ‘Kataware’ and provides vocals and voice acting. Development Update Here are some screenshots with the new characters . From the next update we’ll reveal screenshots of fighting action.
Kotaro Azure
Aja Kou
Introducing the ‘FAV System’ https://viagraforgreece.com/! Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will feature a FAV system which is used to grade your opponents. If you enjoyed fighting your opponent, then press the FAV button after the match! This will send a message to your opponent and their FAV rating will increase. Let’s all have great matches and increase our FAV ratings! FAV System New Character Balancing Hello, Yatagarasu’s planner Umezono here. I mostly work on character creation, balancing, and planning and tuning of the battle system. For Yatagarasu AoC, we’re making a number of new additions, such as new characters, new moves and tuning for existing characters, and adding to and improving the fighting system. In this update, I’ll speak about concepts and moves for the new characters moves.

Kazama Kotaro Her concept is a tricky and technical fighter. She can double jump and has mid-air ranged weapons which she can use to overwhelm her opponent. Her overall reach is short, but she makes up for this with rushing attacks and moving throws. Just as she looks, she can fight with a free-wheeling fighting style.

Azure Azure’s concept is a standard character based around ranged attacks. By ‘based around ranged attacks’, I don’t that he’s a shooting character, but rather that he goes in for the attack while using ranged attacks as a shield. His standard attacks are mostly straightforward and even first-timers will be able to pick up and play smoothly with Azure.

Aja Salisbury Her concept is that each individual attack is heavy and she doesn’t have any gimmicky moves. In contrast to the other characters with swords, Hina and Shimo, her style is based around heavy swings. She has no mid-level attacks or throws and doesn’t down opponents very well, but on the other hand she has high guard crush values and her style is well-suited to wading in and breaking down the opponent’s guard. Also, her special moves can be charged to throw off opponents’ parrying.

All of the new characters bring something different to the existing characters, so please look forward to playing them! The Talent of Yatagarasu! I’m LIQU@. I joined Yatagarasu from version 4.0, and I do the voice acting for Hina and Shimo, and the vocals for the opening theme. I’m usually active on user movie websites and I do some vocal and voice acting for doujin and commercial projects. I was working on these types of projects when Shiza from the Yatagarasu development team first contacted me around autumn / winter 2010, so I’ve been involved with Yatagarasu for 3 years now. (We actually add or re-record voice acting with each new version, so we have genuinely been working together for that long 🙂 I’m grateful to be involved in the new installment ‘Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm’ and really looking forward to taking my voice work to the next level along with Yatagarasu! Right now I’m working on my shouting voice and waiting for recording day to come! “Ne~sama!”

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  1. Sprites are looking great! Can’t wait to see them in action! — LIQ@’s OP theme is great, as is her voicework in game. Really looking forward to Beta testing, and “Legend of Raven”.

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