Yatagarasu AoC Developer Diary (Nov 7th)

Hello, everyone! Please accept our apologies for the delay! Our development diary for Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm starts now and we will post updates to Yatagarasu-FTG.com at least once a month from here onwards! Development Update Today we have an update on Kotaro. As we announced in the IndieGogo campaign, her fighting style is centered around high maneuverability, but there are many ways this could be implemented, so now we’re experimenting with various approaches and moves for her, right down to fundamental questions such as whether or not she has ranged attacks. For some reason, Blanka keeps coming up when we discuss examples of super quick characters, but we’re trying desperately to move on from him! Anyway, here is a screenshot to give a little peek into the development work on Kotaro. Kotaro Development Screenshot So, a word about the sounds and voices. We’re planning to leave casting for the remaining voice actors until as late as possible, but we’ve pretty much already decided who they’ll be and we’re looking forward to making various announcements when the time comes. For now, we’ll just say that we’ll do our best to use various well-known voice actors and implement as many as possible of the fun ideas we have in mind. By the way, when we reviewed the existing voice files, we realized that the characters with the least amount of voiceover are Kou and Crow, who only have 10 comments each. They’ve done well to get this far with so little VO! As a new, added bonus for ‘Attack of Cataclysm’, we will replace the existing Yatagarasu sound data, and re-recording everything using high quality sound equipment. There is a ton of things that we would like to do for the audio alone and already we spend time every day scratching our heads thinking what we can realistically include. Recent Events Aug 20th: I attended a private event held by Sony in San Francisco and saw a playable demo of Yatagarasu for PSVITA, ‘Legend of Raven’, which is being developed by Nicalis. The demo included ad hoc versus play and seemed pretty close to completion. Sept 21st: A Yatagarasu exhibition match was held at ‘Indie Game Festa 2013’ at Tokyo Game Show. Taking part was Haitani-san, Itabashi Zangief from TeamRazer took part, and famous Japanese livestreamers. It was a great event and 4Gamer wrote about it in this article on their site if you’d like to hear details (Japanese language, but you can translate it using Google Translate, etc.) Sept 22nd: The final day of Tokyo Game Show, we attended another Sony event called IndieStream. The attendees were mostly Japanese indie game developers and provided a first step for lots of cooperation and sharing of information between the devs moving forward. Hopefully this event will be the starting point for lots of new indie games from Japan. The PayPal Incident: PayPal froze the account of Nyu Media (the publisher for Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm who ran the IndieGogo campaign) was frozen and we were denied access to the development funding that was raised. This was a massive problem for us, but thankfully it was resolved in just one day, thanks to a huge outcry of ‘unfair’, in particular from our overseas supporters via forums and social media. We are truly grateful to everyone who voiced their support for us. Without your help, we may not have been able to resolve the problem at all. Indie Games Festival: Both Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm (for the PC, developed by the Yatagarasu development team, published by Nyu Media) and Legend of Raven (PSVITA, developed and published by Nicalis) are entrants in this year’s Indie Games Festival! Please show your support! The Talent of Yatagarasu! In addition to the three core development team members, a number of talented created people work on Yatagarasu. In this development diary we’ll introduce some of these great people, starting with the Yatagarasu story writer & super cosplayer,  Shunosuke! — Hello, My name is Shunosuke and I write the setting, story, character dialogue and profiles for Yatagarasu, based on draft art and notes provided by KOTANI. Why is JET ‘strong at brawling, but weak with the ladies’? Why does Chada speak effeminately?  Every point like these has a story behind it. Yatagarasu is set in a fictional period based upon the time from the Taisho to Showa Era in Japan. I weave together historical facts and characters, legends, etc. to attempt to portray a vibrant and chaotic world, which includes cultures from various other countries. It’s a really interesting creative work and the fiction sometimes actually crosses over into my own life. I was researching a Japanese sword called Nene Kirimaru and one day just happened walk into a sword exhibition and came across the real thing. The actual sword and the in-game sword have different stories, but coincidences like this are surprising! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the world of Yatagarasu! — That’s it for now. I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers as we post updates from here on out! We hope you are looking forward to the release next year! Shiza The Yatagarasu Development Team

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  1. Great to see some updates on the game! The “Legend of Raven” Version has recently been announced for PS4 and XB1 release, though a trailer. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    I’m very glad I’ll be able to play a version of Yatagarasu on consoles, and hope this makes the chances of AoC reaching them even stronger!

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