Development Update and New Location Test Announcement!

Shiza is tied up with the development work and new location test (details below), so I’ll provide a quick update on behalf of the Yatagarasu AoC team. The new character graphics are complete, so the major development work is now DONE! Taito and the YAoC dev team are holding a location test with the full Attack on Cataclysm fighter roster (including Azure, Kotaro, and Aja) and full dynamic commentator roster (including Jchensor, Maximilian, and UltraDavid) this weekend at the Nakano TRF game center in Japan. This location test will be fully NESiCAxLive-compliant, running over the NESiCA network, and using the NESiCA Card score functionality. Feedback from the location test will be rolled into both the arcade and PC versions.
If you’re in the neighborhood or have the means to get there, please go check it out and provide feedback for the team! If you can’t make it, no worries! The event will also be livestreamed over Niconico douga (requires a free account Follow the below links for more details (in Japanese.) Location Test Overview at NicoDou: Location Test Livestream: Slow Starter Tournament: Nakano TRF Homepage: Taito Location Test Announcement: Finally, we are now days away from distributing the long-awaited beta version (which will be effectively the above location test version) and can’t wait to get it in your hands. THANK YOU for your patience and please stand by for the next update! Seon  

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  1. Sweet deal! Things seem to be moving along at a nice pace. My buddies and are having a lot of fun playing this and eagerly awaiting the full release. Keep it up! Too bad my house doesn’t have decent internet to stream our fight nights to try and spread the game to local viewers. Cheers from Arizona, USA

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