Show Report: Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm at Evo 2014

The biggest fighting game event in the world, the Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas, ended yesterday and we had an early* build of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm on show: two versus stations at the Indie Games Showcase and an arcade cabinet at the Mad Catz booth. * A pre-alpha build that includes some of the work-in-progress improvements such as new art, refined game balancing, new stage backgrounds, but not yet including the new characters or English dynamic commentary. (More updates/developments on this build to follow.)

At the Indie Game Showcase

Seats at the Yatagarasu stations were filled with players going head to head for the entirety of the event, and the reception was simply amazing. Genuine praise and appreciation for Yatagarasu AoC classic arcade-style game play, but also that ‘in the arcade’ VIBE among the players! We honestly could not have hoped for a better welcome.

Yatagarasu AoC at the Mad Catz booth

Our Western commentary team Jchensor, UltraDavid, and Maximilian dropped by for a game and photo op blog here!


Jchensor, UltraDavid, & Maximilian taking to the fightsticks


Coming Soon: This game PLUS these personalities!

On Saturday, we held an impromptu 32 man tournament with the life-sized Hanzo stand, a very limited edition Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Evo staff t-shirt, and two caps donated by Mad Catz.

Up for grabs!


Massive thanks to GeoffTheHero & Jeremy for their help manning the stands & running the tournament!


Tournament in progress…


Semi finals: Harukasan vs Juicebox

After just under two hours of battling, our final four winners were Falcon, @Juicebox_FGC, @xHarukasan, Demonik! Falcon took first place, but incredibly selected a Mad Catz cap to match his grey and black ensemble, leaving Juicebox to take home Hanzo, Harukasan picking up the t-shirt and Demonic the remaining Mad Catz cap.

Congrats to the winners: Harukasan, Juicebox, Falcon, & Demonik

All in all, Evo 2014 was an AWESOME event for Yatagarasu AoC. Thank you to everyone who dropped by and played for your kind words and support! Thank you also to Yatagarsu sponsor Mad Catz, and of course to the organizers of Evo 2014! Looking forward to doing it all again at Evo 2015 with the full version of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm! Then one day… IMG_0981 Peace!

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