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Welcome to Yatagarasu-FTG.com, our new hub for information about the Yatagarasu fighting games and for the Yatagarasu community: namely, the players around the world, the publishers (Nyu Media, Rice Digital, Playism), and the Yatagarasu development team! What you’ll find on the site: On the site blog, the developers will provide regular updates on the development of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, and we’ll announce the roll-out of perks for the IndieGogo campaign contributors, provide information about Yatagarasu appearing at gaming events, and much more. On the Yatagarasu forum, players are invited to provide feedback and suggestions both about this website and the games themselves. Nyu Media, Rice Digital, and Playism are taking part and the developers are watching! Input from YOU, the players, is important to both the future of this site and the future of the Yatagarasu games! Please check out the FAQ which will be updated regularly and we’ll be adding new pages with information about the games will be added as the site grows. Remember, this is a site for the Yatagarasu community! Please JOIN IN and make YOUR VOICE heard!  Be it posts of open lobbies or livestreams, chit chat about the games, or feedback on the website and games development, we want to hear from you and it’s YOUR participation that will make this community thrive! Together we will make Yatagarasu another star in the Fighting Game Community and making the Yatagarasu games the best they can be! See you in the forums! Sincerely, The crews at Nyu Media, Rice Digital, Playism, and the Yatagarasu development team  

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