YAoC Arcade Location Tests & Alpha Version

Hello, Shiza from the Yatagarasu dev team here. An update on development progress will follow later, but today I have a quick update with some details about the arcade location testing in Japan and a message from the team about the Alpha release. NESiCAxLive Version Location Tests Location tests for the NESiCAxLive (arcade) version of Yatagarasu AoC will be held over Sept 19-21st* in 4 game centers in Japan. This is the first opportunity to get hands on with this version which features the first new character, Azure, so if you are in or can visit Japan (Tokyo Game Show will be held on the same dates), please drop in and try it out. Participating arcades are: Akihabara HEY Taito Station Osu (大須) Taito Station Namba (難波) Taito Station Tenjin, Fukuoka (福岡天神) There will also be questionnaires about Yatagarasu AoC available in the arcades. Feedback from the questionnaires will be used as reference by the Yatagarasu dev team and will affect the development of the game, so please take a moment to fill one out. Here is the announcement of the test at Famitsu’s website: http://www.famitsu.com/news/201409/11061144.html Alpha Version Testing On August 17th at the summer Comic Market event. we distributed the latest PC version of Yatagarasu AoC  and released the same version to backers on Steam. The dev team members were excited to see Yatagarasu on Steam for the first time and happy it went well. One thing we learned from this release is that releasing even a work in progress build is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of tinkering with the code to make it releasable and to make sure that play data and feedback can be processed. The Alpha version is still very much a work in progress, but hopefully gives a good idea of progress and the direction development is taking. The release has been valuable for the dev team as we are receiving lots of feedback from the release, and it’s already been a great reference in development. Thank you to everyone for your feedback and opinions. Please look forward to the next version. Shiza

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