Yatagarasu AoC Beta Access Now Expanded to Include $10+ IndieGogo Backers!

As per our campaign update earlier this month, we are expanding the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Beta Access to include backers who contributed $10 or higher to the Yatagarasu AoC IndieGogo campaign, starting NOW! ss_110 Emails with keys and instructions to access the Beta version were earlier sent to backers of the Game Pack ($10) perk and upwards. If you are a qualifying backer and have not received your key by 5pm PST today, please check your spam filter and if it’s not there, please email info@nyu-media.com, and we will follow up with you directly. We hope you guys enjoy the Beta build and please don’t forget to post any comments or feedback to the Yatagarasu AoC Steam discussion group! That’s it for today. Watch out for updates about the final release coming ASAP! Seon

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  1. Seriously, NO WAY to get the key anymore if you didn’t back the project? I didn’t hear of it until the backing was finished, and would’ve backed any day if i knew about a beta access. I’m getting pissed!

  2. I played this today for the first time since I backed the project…all I can say is that after 15 minutes I absolutely remember why I backed this project! This is the best version of Street Fighter 3rd Strike ever made. So much balance and polish. The weight of the characters and attacks; perfect. The online and arcade modes are going to rock. This is the most fun I’ve had with a proper fighting game in oh so long. God, I can’t wait for the actual release!

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