Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is Coming to Steam!

As announced last month, Yatagarasu AoC was submitted for the Steam community’s approval on Steam Greenlight on May 20th. In just two scant weeks, it rocketed to the top of the Greenlight entries and was approved for release Steam last night! On behalf of everyone at Nyu Media and the Yatagarasu dev team, THANK YOU to everyone who voted and made this happen! Access to Steam’s backend means it’s now likely that we will use Steam and its community system for the beta testing that will be available to qualifying campaign contributors ahead of the game release. Details and timing are TBC – please watch these IGG updates, the Yatagarasu AoC Steam discussion group, Nyu Media Facebook or Twitter accounts, for updates. Once again, HUGE thank you to all who supported Yatagarasu AoC at Greenlight and we very much look forward to bringing it to you in late summer!

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