Yatagarasu Confirmed in Play Expo Tournament Line Up


Play Expo Tournaments

We’re very pleased to announce that Yatagarasu 4.3 will be in the tournament line up at this year’s Play Expo in Manchester in the UK next month. Taking place at Events City on the 12th and 13th of October – this year’s tournaments are being run, once again, by Electronic Dojo in partnership with Armshouse.tv. We will also be running plenty of casual set ups for any new players – or those yet to be convinced of it’s awesomeness! – to come along and practice. We’ll also be showing off plenty of other titles from Nyu Media there also – so do stop by and say hello! If you’d like to know more about Play Expo – then be sure to head to their main site here: http://www.playexpo.net/ it’s a really great event, easily my favourite in the UK calendar, boasting plenty of fighters both new and old webpage. For those looking for more detailed tournament information visit our friends at Electronic Dojo here: https://www.facebook.com/electronicdojo Hope to see some of you very soon!   Geraint Evans, Rice Digital

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